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Madison Cawthorn Net Worth



Madison Cawthorn net worth

What is Madison Cawthorn’s Net Worth?

David Madison Cawthorn (born August 1, 1995) , is an American politician, a member of the Republican Party with an estimated net worth in excess of approximately $400,000*.

Madison Cawthorn is most well-known for his one term as the U.S. Representative for North Carolina’s 11 th congressional District. He was the third-youngest representative to the House of Representatives in U.S. History when he was elected. In May 2022, he lost his primary bid for re-election.

Madison Cawthorn’s Background and Early Life

Madison Cawthorn was born in Asheville, North Carolina on August 1, 1995 to parents Roger and Priscilla Cawthorn. Through 12 th grade, he was homeschooled in Hendersonville. However, he played football for the Asheville Saints, as they allowed homeschoolers to play. As a teenager, he worked at Chickfil-A.

Cawthorn, then 18, was on a spring break trip in Florida when he rode in his friend’s car. Bradley Ledford, his friend, fell asleep at the wheel, and the car crashed into concrete barriers. Cawthorn was paralysed from the waist down and now uses a wheelchair. Cawthorn was awarded a settlement by the insurance company following the accident.

Before the accident, U.S. Representative Mark Meadows had nominated Cawthorn for the United States Naval Academy. His application was denied. Cawthorn made later false statements about how the Naval Academy accident had ruined his plans. Cawthorn later corrected these statements during a 2017 deposition, in which he admitted that he was rejected before the accident.

Cawthorn studied political science at Patrick Henry College in 2016. He was not able to perform academically, and claimed that the accident made it harder for him learn. He was also working as a staff assistant for Representative Mark Meadow’s office.

Madison Cawthorn’s Political Career

Madison Cawthorn net worth

Madison Cawthorn speaking at a Turning Point USA event in 2020

Madison Cawthorn began to be more interested in a career as a politician in the latter part of 2010. He describes himself as a constitutional conservator. He is against abortion and supports legal gun ownership. He also considers himself fiscally conservative. He believes that climate change will have minimal effects.

Cawthorn was second to Lynda Bennett in the Republican primary for North Carolina’s 11 th congressional district. Bennett didn’t receive enough votes to avoid a runoff. Cawthorn won the June runoff by overwhelming margins, which was called an upset in the media.

Cawthorn made many controversial comments and decisions leading up to the November election. Cawthorn claimed that a cartel was operating along the Texan border and kidnapping children in order to sell them as slaves. However, he didn’t provide any evidence. During his campaign, he also attacked Tom Fielder, a journalist who had previously written investigative pieces about Cawthorn. Cawthorn claimed Fielder was working for “nonwhite males” and trying to “ruin all white males running for office.” Later, he edited the text and apologized for making divisive and dangerous remarks.

Cawthorn beat Moe Davis, the Democratic nominee. He took office on January 3, 2021. He was the youngest Republican to be elected to the House of Representatives. Cawthorn continued to make controversial comments and take actions after he was elected. Cawthorn circulated conspiracy theories regarding the alleged fraud in 2020’s election and voted against certifying the Electoral College results. He later stated that he had accepted the results.

He made remarks about the emasculation and sexualization of American young men and accused politicians of trying make everyone sexless and genderless. He was happy with the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and offered Rittenhouse a job in his office. Cawthorn called Volodymry Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, a thug at the start of the 2022 Russian invasion in Ukraine. Cawthorn also accused Washington politicians, of being sexually perverted as well as participating in drug abuse in front of him.

Cawthorn made it a point to focus on communication rather than legislating during his time in office. He said he considered himself more of a messenger for the people than a legislator. In 2022, he sought reelection but was defeated by Chuck Edwards (a state senator).

Personal life

Cawthorn wed Cristina Bayardelle in December 2020. She is a CrossFit competitor. After being married in a civil ceremony in December, they had an outdoor ceremony in April 2021. Cawthorn declared that the couple would be divorcing in December 2021.

Several women accused Cawthorn of sexual misconduct, and even sexual assault, in August 2020 while he was running for Congress. A group of Patrick Henry College alumni soon released a letter in which they accused Cawthorn, accusing him of sexually exploitive behavior while he was still a student at the college. Cawthorn denied these claims and stated that many students didn’t know him personally. BuzzFeed News published a February 2021 report in which 20 people claimed that Cawthorn harassed his female college classmates.

A video of Cawthorn in bed, making inappropriate gestures toward another man’s face online was circulated in May 2022. Cawthorn claimed that the video was a joke between friends years before and showed Cawthorn making inappropriate gestures towards another man’s face. He said it was being circulated to blackmail him.

Cawthorn also has had to deal with other legal problems. Cawthorn has been charged with driving without a licence and twice found in possession of a firearm at an airport.

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Candace Owens Net Worth



Candace Owens net worth

What is Candace Owens’ Net Worth?

Candace Amber Owens Farmer (born April 29, 1989) , is an American conservative commentator and activist with an estimated net worth of approximately more than $1 million.

Her pro-Trump activism is her best-known trait. Although she started out as a liberal, in 2016, she joined the far-right and began spreading misinformation, conspiracy theories, and defending white supremacy. Owens is a conservative journalist and hosts her own podcast.

Candace Owens’ Education and Early Life

Candace Owens was conceived as Candace Amber Owens Farmer in Stamford on April 29, 1989. After her parents divorced, she was the third of her four children and was raised by her grandparents. Owens attended Stamford High School as a teenager. She received numerous racist threats of death via voicemail from her classmates, who were white men. Owens’ family sued the Stamford Board of Education, alleging that they failed to protect their daughter’s rights. The settlement was over $37,000. Owens studied journalism at the University of Rhode Island for her higher education. Due to student loans, Owens dropped out of college after her junior year.

Candace Owens’ Career

Owens dropped out of college to do an internship with Vogue magazine in New York City. She was hired as an administrative assistant at a Manhattan-based private equity firm. Later, she became vice president of administration.

From Liberal to Conservative

Candace Owens net worth

Candace Owens photographed in 2018

Owens was the CEO of Degree180, a marketing agency. She wrote many blog posts that criticized conservative Republican figures on the company website. Owens wanted to launch in 2016, but she was unsuccessful. The site was meant to expose bullies online by tracking their Internet activities, but it was extremely controversial due to the privacy violations that it would lead. Internet users posted Owens’ private information online to punish her. Owens claimed that progressives were responsible for the Gamergate scandal, even though she didn’t have any evidence. She was supported by prominent conservative figures who were also opposed to Gamergate. Owens quickly announced that she was now a conservative “overnight” because of this incident.

Conservative Activity

Owens started advocating for Donald Trump in 2017 despite having recently exonerated him and his views. To promote “Black conservatism”, she created the website and YouTube channel Red Pill Black and was appointed communications director at conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA. Owens was officially registered as an American Republican in 2018, and has appeared on numerous conspiracy websites.

In 2021, Owens joined The Daily Wire as a conservative website and media firm. She started her own podcast, “Candace,” which is a political talk show. Owens had earlier announced her interest in running for the office of governor or US senator. However, she said that she would only do so if she were up against an incumbent Democrat. Owens later announced that she had plans to run for president in 2024.

Political Views

Candace Owens net worth

Candace Owens photographed in 2019

Owens, who identified herself as liberal in 2015, described herself as a Trump supporter and conservative by 2017. Owens is now a far-right conservative who supports fringe rightwing views as well as conspiracies. Owens is well-known for her criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Black people in general. She has stated that African-Americans suffer from a victim complex. That police violence against Black people is not related to racism. And that white nationalism does not pose a threat to the country.

Owens is also opposed to abortion, feminism and trans rights. She also opposes welfare programs and immigration. She has spread the Big Lie that 2020’s presidential election was stolen and denies climate change is real. Owens has also spread misinformation and disproved conspiracy theories. She falsely claimed that George Soros had paid people to protest George Floyd’s murder in the summer 2020. Owens also claimed that Bill Gates was using tribal children to test vaccines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, she has propagated many other vaccine myths. Owens propagandized Russian propaganda during Russia’s invasion in Ukraine 2022.

Christchurch Mosque Attack

In the wake of the Christchurch mosque attack in New Zealand, it was discovered that Owens was the main influence behind the shooting. Owens’ anti-Muslim rhetoric was believed to be the reason, but others thought that Owens was just trying to provoke political conflict. Owens denied any connection with the shooter.

Personal life

Owens married George Farmer in 2019, the ex-chair of Turning Point UK. Their first child, a boy, was born in 2021.

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