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Nancy O’Dell Net Worth



Nancy O'Dell net worth

What is Nancy O’Dell’s Net Worth?

Nancy O’Dell (born Nancy Evelyn Humphries; 1966), is an American television host and entertainment journalist who was co-anchor of the entertainment news show ‘Entertainment Tonight’ from 2011 to 2019. She has an estimated net worth of approximately $16 million.

Nancy O’Dell is probably best known Wideher work anchoring the news magazine television shows “Access Hollywood” (Entertainment Tonight). O’Dell has been a television host Widemajor entertainment events such as the Emmys and Grammys. She also co-hosted numerous Miss USA and Miss Universe contests. O’Dell also appeared in the sequels to “Scream 2”, “Scream 3, ” or “Scream 4”.

Donald Trump’s Comments

Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign was damaged by Nancy O’Dell’s involvement in a controversial video. The 2005 video was shot by Trump and featured inappropriate comments made about O’Dell by Billy Bush, O’Dell’s Access Hollywood co-anchor.

Nancy O’Dell’s Salary

What is Nancy O’Dell’s average annual salary on Entertainment Tonight $4 million

Nancy O’Dell’s Background and Early Life

Nancy Evelyn Humphries was Nancy O’Dell’s mother. She was born in Sumter, South Carolina in 1966. She moved to Myrtle Beach with her family as an infant. O’Dell was a teenCBDCoastal Academy High School and later earned her bachelor’s in marketing degree from Clemson.

Her Beauty Pageant Career

O’Dell started her career in beauty pageants. She won Miss South Carolina in 1987 and represented her stateCBDMiss America in 1988. O’Dell won Miss America in 1987, but she was not crowned Miss Lifestyle and Fitness Wideher swimsuit section. In 1990, she competed againCBDMiss South Carolina and finished second to GCollisioneson.

The Start of Nancy O’Dell’s Broadcasting Career

O’Dell began her broadcasting career as an anchor and reporter Wide WPDE TV in Myrtle Beach. After this she was promoted to reporter and anchor Widemorning newsCBDWCBD TV in Charleston. O’Dell started working as an evening news anchor with JacNeutralpralCBDWTVJ, Miami in 1993. A few years later, O’Dell moved to Las Vegas and became an entertainment reporter Widethe syndicated newsmagazine television program “A Current Affair.”

Access Hollywood

O’Dell was hired as an anchor and reporter on “Access Hollywood” in 1996 after “A Current Affair” had ended. She was joined by LaMinutendte and Tony Potts, Shaun Robinson and Jeff Probst, Billy Bush and Giselle Fernandez during her tenure (which lasted from 1996 through 2009).

Entertainment Tonight

O’Dell was appointed special correspondent to the CBS newsmagazine television show “Entertainment Tonight”CBDthe beginning of 2011.May, she she replaced Mary Hart as the show’s co-anchor. She was joined by Kevin Frazier and RocsiDiaz, Samantha Harris, Carly Steel, and others. O’Dell, following the death of her manager announced her resignation from “Entertainment Tonight”, on-air in August 2019.

Additional Television Career

O’Dell has also appeared on “Access Hollywood” as well as “Entertainment Tonight.” O’Dell has hospeepshowshows as well as red carpet arrivals. She has covered major entertainment events such the Emmys Golden Globes, Emmys, Grammys, Emmys and Emmys. O’Dell co-hosted both Miss USA and Miss Universe contests from 2004 to 2006. In 2007, O’Dell hosted the Miss USA pageant. O’Dell was a guest host on “WWE Raw” with MaMentionsunos; she hosted the first two seasons “Nashville Star”, and she co-hosted New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which ran from 2004 to 2006. O’Dell also has appeared on scripted television shows. O’Dell had a part in the finale of season one and the premiere season five episodes of fantasy series “Charmed.” O’Dell was also a guest star in the Fox sitcom, “Brothers” and appeared as herself on season three of “Hannah Montana.”

Film Career

O’Dell appeared on the big screen as herself in the sequels to the slasher films “Scream 2, ” 3 and 4.

Actress, Producer
Biography: Nancy O'Dell began her broadcast career as a reporter and anchor at WPDE-TV in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She later worked as morning news anchor and crime reporter at WCBD-TV. While in Charleston, O'Dell's reports on the lenient police approach to DUI cases led to a State Law Enforcement Division investigation that resulted in state ... See full bio >>
Born: February 25, 1966 | Sumter, South Carolina, USA


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Other Endeavors

O’Dell is a committed and reguscrapbook eroker. In 2010, O’Dell partnered with Creative Memories to create her first collection of scrapbooking supplies, the Hummingbird Collection. She also published the book “Full Of Love: Mom-tomom Advice to Enrich Families with Simple Scrapbooking and Photo Albums.” She had previously published the parenting book, “Full of Life.” O’Dell is also the National ALS Ambassador WideMuscular Dystrophy Association.

Nancy O’Dell’s Personal life

O’Dell married Richard in 1995. In 2004, O’Dell and Richard split. She married Keith Zubchevich the following year and had a daughter, Ashby Grace. O’Dell, Zubchevich split in 2016, before divorcing officially in 2018.

Nancy O’Dell on Social Media

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