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Rodrigo Duterte Net Worth



Rodrigo Duterte net worth

What is Rodrigo Duterte’s Net Worth?

Rodrigo Roa Duterte  (born March 28, 1945), also known as Digong, Rody, and by the initials PRRD, is a Filipino lawyer and politician who became the 16th president of the Philippines, and has an estimated net worth of approximately $550,000*.

Rodrigo Duterte was elected the 16th President of the Philippines in 2016. Before this, he was mayor of Davao for more than 20 years. Duterte’s violent war against crime and drugs was a hallmark of both his presidential and mayoral tenures. This included the extrajudicial killings of thousands of street children and criminals.

Rodrigo Duterte reported that his net worth was approximately 28.5 million Philippine Pesos. This is equivalent to approximately $550,000 USD

Rodrigo Duterte’s Early Life and Education

Rodrigo Duterte was conceived in Maasin in Leyte, Philippines on March 28, 1945. Soledad Duterte was his mother and a community leader. Vicente Duterte was a lawyer and mayor of Danao. Duterte and his family moved to Davao when his father became the provincial governor. After being expelled twice from his previous high schools, Duterte completed his primary education at Santa Ana Elementary school and his secondary education at Holy Cross College of Digos. In 1968, Duterte received his BA in political science at the Lyceum of the Philippines. After graduating from the Lyceum of the Philippines in 1968, Duterte enrolled at San Beda College of Law where he received his law degree in 1972.

Duterte’s Career Beginnings

Duterte began his legal career as a special counsel at Davao’s City Prosecution Office from 1977 to 1979. He was then appointed fourth assistant city prosecutor. This position he held until 1981. Duterte was then appointed third assistant city procuror and second assistant city prosecutionor. He resigned this position in 1986.

Mayor of Davao City

Duterte was elected vice mayor of Davao City following the People Power Revolution of 1986 that ended President Ferdinand Marcos’s regime. In 1988, he ran for the office of mayor. Duterte was mayor of Davao from 1998 to 1998. He then ran for the House of Representatives, becoming congressman of Davao’s 1 st District. In 2001 Duterte ran again for mayor and was elected. He won reelection in 2004 as well as 2007 again. Duterte’s involvement in extrajudicial murders of more than 1,000 children and criminals made him controversial as mayor. Duterte expressed support for Davao Death Squad (the vigilante group that was responsible for the murders).

The 2016 Philippine Presidential Election

Duterte ran in 2016 for the presidency of the Philippines. Duterte’s campaign was focused on constitutional reforms and the elimination of crime. He promised to kill tens of thousands of criminals. He defeated Mar Roxas to win the election, becoming the 16 th president of the country and the oldest person ever elected at the age 71.

Rodrigo Duterte: President of The Philippines

Duterte was president and emphasized domestic policies to curb the illegal drug trade in the Philippines. Duterte launched the controversial war against drugs. He helped to facilitate mass murder of thousands alleged criminals and also strengthened efforts for fighting terrorism and other communist threats. He also initiated a major infrastructure plan and a variety of economic reforms. He unsuccessfully tried to decentralize government by moving to a federal parliamentary system. Duterte was also responsible for the 2017 siege in Marawi. This five-month-long war between Philippine security forces, Islamic State militants and Filipino security forces.

Duterte’s presidency was controversial overall. Duterte’s authoritarianism and litany of human rights violations, questionable foreign policy, and offensive, profanity-laden comments in public prompted protests and international censure. His populist image and aggressive nationalism won him much support in the Philippines, which led to high approval ratings. Duterte retired from politics in 2021, despite his initial intention to run as vice president of the Philippines for the 2022 elections. To facilitate peaceful transition to the new presidency, he established a transition committee in May 2022.

Reported Health issues

Duterte suffers from a variety of conditions, including Buerger’s disease which inflames blood vessels and Barrett’s esophagus which causes esophageal cell to be replaced with gastrointestinal cells. He also revealed that he suffers from the neuromuscular disorder myasthenia gravis.

His Personal life

Duterte was married to Elizabeth Zimmerman in 1973. They had three children, named Sebastian, Sara, Paolo. Duterte had many affairs while married to Zimmerman, which led to the annulment of their marriage in 2000. Duterte later married Cielito Avancena (also known as Honeylet Avancena) in a common-law union. They had Veronica as their daughter.

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